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  • Platforms:

    With our vast experience, our people are skilled in medical transcription platforms such as Escription, EMDAT, Cornerstone, Word Processor, etc.

  • 24/7 – 365 Days Coverage:

    Our people work in shifts round-the-clock in order to ensure delivery in a timely manner with an ability to take up challenging turn-around-times. With our ability to deploy our services from home-based environments, our people further ensure that we are truly 24/7 Customer oriented ensuring consistent service at all the time.

  • Work-Type Expertise:

    With our rich and gargantuan experience, our people are skilled at transcribing all kinds of specialties, work types, and varied accents.

  • Compliance with HIPAA Standards:

    We are fully compliant with HIPAA guidelines, and we have taken measures to ensure confidentiality of patient's healthcare reports. All our people have endorsed nondisclosure agreement (NDA) and are legally bound from disclosing or discoursing patient information. Patient records and information are available only through authorized access.

  • Document Backup:

    We ensure 90-day backup for all your documents, and this can be customized based on Client’s requirements.

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality is the most fundamental constituent in our service. We have implemented a comprehensive quality process that is structurally defined and helps us meet the most demanding Service Level Agreements of any outsourced provider in the world at substantially lower costs.

    Total Quality Control is built in every stage of the process, and Accuracy is the focus of the entire system at Global Healthscribe. A team of experienced quality analysts follow our quality definitions and continuously guide our people to deliver qualitative work to Client. Our Quality Audit team is also updated about the latest trends in the healthcare field including the new changes and procedures, and the team seamlessly integrates such changes into their routine work.

  • Turn-Around-Time (TAT):

    Global Healthscribe boasts of 99% compliance with the contractual turnaround time (TAT) of Client. Our system has the flexibility and responsiveness of delivering the high priority documents with a minimum turnaround time of 2 hour. Our system also allows for customization so as to meet the increasing demands of the healthcare organizations who are in turn committed to keeping their processes compliant.

  • Scalability :

    Scaling up is the biggest challenging for organizations today, both in terms of increased management requirements and ballooning costs. Global Healthscribe has been built to rapidly scale in India, which provides a unique blend of talented and skilled professionals, low infrastructure costs, and a massively expanding network infrastructure. Our team has the experience and financial resources to ramp up to meet the Client’s needs in all facets of solution. We wholly own, develop, and manage all of our facilities. This is important because while lowering costs is often the icing on the cake, the ability to deploy low cost and high-quality solutions that will scale up rapidly will be a critical determinant of success for outsourcers.  

    Global Healthscribe has created additional infrastructure and has access to the trained and skilled human resources professionals to effectively deploy toward any sudden increase in volumes or new projects or new challenges posed by the Clients.

  • Confidentiality and Security:

    As a contractual condition, all employees of Global Healthscribe sign and fully endorse the statement of confidentiality. All reports are delivered electronically, which safeguards against unauthorized access. All data files are securely stored at Global Healthscribe in permanent backup for future access as needed.

  • Partnerships & Clients:

    Global Healthscribe believes in the power of partnerships. Working with leading organizations in their respective fields enables Global Healthscribe to leverage complementary technologies and services and to deliver a truly complete solution with speed and efficiency. Our partners can integrate seamlessly within the network. They are committed to supporting and incorporating Global Healthscribe’s service and technology into their offerings.

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