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We have more than 65 plus years of experience!


Our people are the reason for our existence and growth. We are an amalgamation of the best in the transcription industry, and we have adopted a work culture where our people are fostered an attitude to learn and promote learning and development thereby allowing them to share a common goal which is to strive ourselves toward meeting Customers' expectations and thereby propelling the Organization toward newer pinnacles.

The management team comprises of
  • Mr. Abdul Hafeez
  • Mr. Raghavendra Narahari
  • Mr. Mohammed Shandar

These five members form a highly motivated and resourceful management team who contribute 65-plus years of combined experience in the Transcription Industry. Our commitment toward our mission starts from the top and percolates to all our employees and helps us strive toward excellence and has in turn helped us promote a robust work culture to try and meet and if possible exceed Customers' expectations and at the same time promote our commitment to our people.

What is h – e – l – p?

Honesty and Integrity (H) -
We believe honest, integrated, and ethical approach toward Clients, Partners, and each other is conducive and necessary toward propelling business relationships.  

Empathy (E) –
We realize seeing things from a Customers' and Employees’ perspective is the best way to interact and promote healthy relations.  

Learning (L) -
Learning is an ongoing process essential for growth as professionals and as individuals, and we believe this is the biggest catalyst toward value creation and nurturing, developing, and honing skills of human resources help Clients realize their goals.  

Passion (P) –
We believe in being associated with people who have passion toward Customers, partners, and technology and willingness to take on the big challenges and see them through completion, and at Global Healthscribe, it is rich with such people’s association.

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